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Elect the Platinum Party to the British Columbia Provincial Legislature!

Welcome to the Platinum Party Website

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website for the Platinum Party of Employers Who Think and Act to Increase Awareness, a party established in British Columbia as an organization that has as a primary purpose the fielding of candidates for election to the Legislative Assembly.

The Platinum Party is a different kind of party to the mainstream parties, as we do not make our party's platform centered on making policy, albeit members of the party are free to express what they believe as to forming policy.

The members of our party are less concerned with policy of the current regime and more concerned about the actual structure of it.

Has the Government of British Columbia gone through the procedures necessary to maintain a legitimate position of authority over the current commercial world within their jurisdiction?

Does the Government of British Columbia ensure that their employees have the essential authorization documents:
1. Sworn and signed their oath

2. Deposited a security, money, property, or bond with or without securities

3. Are covered by a lawful liability insurance carrier

Without the above no agent can lawfully claim to perform the duties they have been empowered with.

Does the Government of British Columbia ensure that there is adequate checks and balances should a government employee be cited for the incidence of a civil abuse?

As an outsider looking in at the operation of the government, it is mind boggling to try and figure it all out!

The platinum party will help you to understand the base level of operations of government, this is information the brand name parties do not want given to the general public.

Members of the Platinum party, in its most basic sense, are seekers of truth and fact. We wish to help those who otherwise wouldn't even know what they don't know, and what better place to get to the facts of the matter about the above issues than in the provincial legislature in Victoria.

authorization by espavo sozo, interim leader; P.O. Box 8068, Victoria, B.C. V8W 3R7.

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